Product Description

The ultimate frisbee

Not to be toyed with

Take the simplicity of the game of frisbee and transform it into high performance material; now you have the kind of precision you like to play with. Discover the CF2, the ultimate frisbee.

Fantastic in flight and smooth to the touch

Inspired by the much loved original, our highly engineered, beautiful frisbee is made for peak flying performance. It’s something you’ll be compelled to throw, but never throw away.

Carbon fibre technology, made in Britain

Crafted by a leading carbon fibre design, engineering and manufacturing company, our products use carbon fibre not only for its looks, but for its fantastic strength, lightness of weight and superior performance.

Designed for fun; crafted to last a lifetime

An exquisite piece of British engineering

Made in Britain, our frisbee is inspired by a love of sport, a desire to make products the best they can be and designed and engineered precisely for you, to last a lifetime.

Our Technology

Beautiful from any angle

Hand crafted from stunning carbon fibre weave, the curves catch the light and the material is smooth to the touch. Once you have this in your hand it will lift your spirits and inspire you to use it.










Carbon fibre with pre-formed structural foam core


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